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Geoffery is a Senior at South Plantation High School, serving his fourth year in Mr. Martin's engineering class. He has a deep passion for computers, engineering, robotics, puzzles, and an interest in the schools of thought behind these subjects. A valuable member of the team and a skilled user with SolidWorks, he looks forward to working with VEX robotics.

Angelo is a Senior at South Plantation and is a fourth year engineering student. He hails from the Pacific Islands (the Philippines). He loves playing basketball and also he loves to watch the Miami Heat. His hobbies are sleeping, eating, and going on vacations. His dreams are graduating college and being number 1 in his class and going to the NBA.

My name is Matthew and I am a Senior and I am also in my fourth year of engineering. I am on South Plantation's Soccer team. I like engineering a lot because of the fact we can build something from nothing. I like different types of sports and different types of music.

Bayan is a Senior and is in his fourth year of engineering at South Plantation High School. Bayan's dream is to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up and his strongest subject is math. He loves to play soccer and always watches it on his free time. Bayan is a very fun guy and likes to make jokes and just have a good time.





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